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Hermann Hesse



1877 Born July 2 in Calw, Württemberg, second child of Johannes and Marie (née Gundert) Hesse.
1881-1886 Basle, where Johannes Hesse was teaching.
1886 The family returns to Calw.
1890-1891 Attends the preparatory school in Göppingen.
1891 Passes the Swabian Landexamen in July.
1891-1892 Attends the Maulbronn Seminary.
1892 Runs away from Maulbronn in March. From May onwards attends various schools (Bad Boll, Stetten im Remstal, Basle).
1892-1893 Attends the Gymnasium in Bad Cannstatt.
1893-1894 Gives up a bookshop apprenticeship and assists his father in Calw.
1894-1895 Apprentice mechanic in Heinrich Perrot's clock workshops, Calw.
1895-1898 Apprentice in a Tübingen bookshop.
1898-1899 Promoted to assistant.
1899 Romantische Lieder. Eine Stunde hinter Mitternacht.
1899-1903 Works in a Basle bookshop. Travels in Switzerland.
1901 First Italian journey (Florence, Ravenna, Venice). Hinterlassene Schriften und Gedichte von Hermann Lauscher.
1902 Death of his mother. Gedichte.
1903 Second Italian journey.
1904 Peter Camenzind, Hesse's first literary success. Marries Maria Bernoulli. Is awarded the Bauernfeld Prize.
1904-1912 Lives in Gaienhofen on the Bodensee. Writes and contributes to numerous journals (Simplicissimus, Rheinlande, Neue Rundschau, and others). Visits Italy. Lecture tours.
1905 Birth of first child, Bruno.
1906 Unterm Rad.
1907 Builds his own house in Gaienhofen. Diesseits.
1907-1912 Co-edits März.
1908 Nachbarn.
1909 Birth of second child, Heiner.
1910 Gertrud.
1911 Unterwegs. Birth of third child, Martin. Visits India
1912 Umwege.
1912-1919 The family moves to Berne.
1913 Aus Indien.
1914 Rosshalde.
1914-1919 Works for the Prisoners of War Welfare Organization, Berne. Edits two journals for German prisoners and publishes a series of books for them.
1915 Knulp. Am Weg. Musik des Einsamen.
1916 Death of his father. Wife and son Martin seriously ill.. Psychoanalysis in Lucerne. Schön ist die Jugend.
1919 Demian, first published under the pseudonym. Emil Sinclair. Returns the Fontane Prize. awarded to ''Sinclair.'' Kleiner Garten. Märchen. Zarathustras Wiederkehr
1919-1922 Co-edits Vivos Voco.
1919 Leaves Berne to live on his own in Montagnola.
1920 Gedichte des Malers. Klingsors Letzter Sommer. Wanderung.
1921 Ausgewählte Gedichte.
1922 Siddhartha.
1923 Sinclairs Notizbuch. Adopts Swiss citizenship.
1924 Marries Ruth Wenger, January.
1925 Kurgast.
1925-1931 Spends every winter in Zurich.
1926 Bilderbuch. Is elected a member of the Prussian Academy of Writers.
1927 Die Nürnberger Reise. Der Steppenwolf. Publication of Hugo Ball s biography of Hesse.
1928 Betrachtungen. Krisis.
1929 Trost der Nacht. Eine Bibliothek der Weltliteratur.
1930 Narziss and Goldmund. Resigns from the Prussian Academy of Writers.
1931 Marries Ninon Dolbin in November. Moves into a new house in Montagnola built for him as life tenant by Hans C. Bodmer. Begins work on Das Glasperlenspiel.
1932 Die Morgenlandfahrt.
1936 Stunden im Garten. Is awarded the Gottfried Keller Prize.
1937 Gedenkblätter. Neue Ged ichte.
1942 Die Gedichte.
1943 Das Glasperlenspiel.
1945 Traumfährte
1946 Receives the Frankfurt Goethe Prize. Dank an Goethe. Krieg and Frieden.
1947 Becomes honorary Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Berne.
1950 Receives Wilhelm Raabe Prize.
1951 Späte Prosa. Briefe.
1952 Gesammelte Dichtungen (6 vols.).
1955 Receives the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. Beschwörungen. Gesammelte Schriften (7 vols. )
1962 Dies in Montagnola on August 9.


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