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Colored drawing by Hermann Hesse

© Copyright 1975 by Heiner Hesse, Arcegno, Switzerland

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Hesse Poetry translations

Hello! I would like to recommend and request
that you put a link on your site to my "Poems for Hesse" page, at:
Thank you.

Steppen Wolf Britain


 "The Game"
on the Web

ash with "The Game" in England now has a web page, whose URL he sent us
today, started for his game:


Source: Dunbar Aitkens


April 27, 2001
(revised June 2, 2017)

Christian Messerli


Hermann Hesse und Carl Gustav Jung


Source: Chr. Messerli

September 28, 2000

Linkliste zu einigen der wichtigsten Hermann Hesse Seiten im Internet
Links to some of the most important Hesse Pages

December 16, 1999

Koreanische Hesse-Gesellschaft
(Korean Hesse Society)

(Chinese and German)

Prof. Dr. Soon-Kil HONG


Source: Soon-Kil HONG 12/2/99
Herzlich Willkommen auf
Timos Hermann Hesse Seite!


Truly nice, tasteful and professionally-designed  pages for friends of Hermann Hesse's writing

(in German - auf deutsch)

Link updated 5/3/01

 Die Buchhandlung Fuchs in Calw
heißt Sie herzlich willkommen
bei Hermann Hesse!
[Buchhandlung Fuchs am Markt direkt beim Geburtsthaus des Dichters und dem Hesse Museum]
Link added 4/30/99

"Welcome to the Glass Bead Game"

This site was authored by Gail Sullivan


This page apparently was moved without a forwarding address (HHP 1/7/00)

"WaterBird: A Metaphor for the Net"

A Game authored by Charles Cameron


"The Home Page of the Castalian Province"

Christian Fruh authored this page and the affiliated pages

which originate in India and come to us via


"The Official Glass Plate Game Home Page"

Dunbar Aitkens authored this site for his Glass Plate Game:


"Hipbone Games"


"As some of you know, the HipBone Games are my attempt to devise "playable" forms of the Glass Bead Game which Hesse describes in his Nobel-winning novel, *Magister Ludi*. I'm not alone in trying to devise such Games, and if the idea interests you, you perhaps already visited Gail Sullivan's splendid GBG site at: http://www.telepath.com:80/gail/glasbead.html* which functions as a sort of clearing house for those of us who are working along these lines. - If any of you know and like the book, you'll probably find these sites and their various links interesting -- I'd love to hear your comments -- by email off list would be best -- and if you feel like playing a round of one of my Games, let me know."
Charles Cameron

*Note: Gail Sullivan's page appears to have moved as of January 2000. (HHP)


Lists (discussion groups) you could have joined:

Group Reading of The Glass Bead Game

with Don Wentworth as moderator

January 3, 2000 - March, 2000

Revised posting 2002/04/27

(Magister-Ludi Discussion Forum)


Magister-L(udi) is a small mailing list devoted to
the intersection of spirituality (roughly: the mystical, magical and mythical)
and games

To subscribe: please e-mail hipbone@earthlink.net

Links corrected 5/3/01

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