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Hermann Hesse

(Photograph of Torre Camuzzi, 1997 with the kind permission of Ms. von Roques)

Torre Camuzzi
Museo Hermann Hesse
CH-6926 Montagnola

April 9, 1999

Programm des Museums
Mai  - Oktober 1999

[At the fireplace of the Museum Torre Camuzzi, Montagnola, 1998]
At the fireplace of the museum, 1998

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Source: Ursula Michels-Wenz

[Photo of Ambrogio Pellegrini in the Museum.  Christel Lamberti, 1997]

October 16, 1997
Letter from Ambrogio Pellegrini, the President of the Society of Friends of the The Museum Herrmann Hesse:
(The information package which contained this letter reached us in California via surface mail and not until the end of November)

For historical reference:
July 2, 1997
Invitation to the Opening of the only Hermann Hesse Museum in Switzerland at the Torre Camuzzi, Casa Camuzzi, Montagnola in Ticino.
The Opening Welcome, in honor of the 120th birthday of the poet, will take place at 6 p.m.at the auditorium "Aula Magna", Schoolhouse, Piazza Brocchi, Montagnola.


Welcoming Speeches

Ambrogio Pellegrini,
President of the Association of Friends of the Museum Hermann Hesse
Hon. Giuseppe Buffi
President of the Privy Council of the Government of the Canton of Ticino
Karin Adrian von Roques
Director of the Hermann Hesse Museum
Prof. Mauro Brocchi
Mayor of Montagnola
Dr. Herbert Karl
Head Mayor of Calw, Germany
Bruno Hesse
Heiner Hesse
Isa Hesse-Rabinovitch

Panel Discussion "The Relevance of Hermann Hesse Today"
Volker Michels
Hermann Hesse Editions Archive, Offenbach
Countess Flora von Spreti
Art Therapist, University Clinic, Munich
Christian Kellersmann, M.D.,Ph.D.
Philosopher and Medical Doctor, Bonn
Dipl. Ing. Harald Lüderetz
District Mayor a.D. of the municipality of Pankow, formerly in East Berlin
Prof. Eva Banchelli
Germanist at the University of Bergamo
Translator of the works of Hermann Hesse into Italian
Prof. Günther Gottschalk
University of California, Santa Barbara
Giuseppe Curonici
Director of the State Library (Biblioteca Cantonale) Lugano
Dion Schweitzer
Student, Berlin
Nathaly Jacoby
Doctoral Candidate, Germanistics, University of Freiburg

At approximately 7:30 p.m. at the Torre Camuzzi, Casa Camuzzi, Ra Cürta, Montagnola, young international students from the TASIS School in Montagnola extend a welcome to Heiner and Bruno Hesse in their native languages.
Official opening of the Hermann Hesse Museum by Bruno Hesse and Heiner Hesse

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