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"Steppenwolf, Herman Hesse's most famous novel, portrays a man who is at once irrevocably cut off from and inextricably dependent on society. In the "Treatise on the Steppenwolf," Hesse digresses from the plot of the novel to analyze his protagonist and, in so doing, comments brilliantly on the predicament of modern man.

Jaroslav Bradac, a gifted Czech artist, has captured in forty-five magnificent paintings the essence of Hesse's work. In this book are reproduced his paintings and a résumé of the "Treatise on the Steppenwolf."

Mr. Bradac created and directed the animated version of the "Treatise" in the film of Steppenwolf."

Wildwood House Edition
Wildwood House Ltd,
102 Wardour Street,
London W I V 3HE
First published in 1975
Paintings (c) 1975 by Jaroslav Bradac
ISBN 0 8467 0045 X
Library of Congress Catalog No. 74-17505
"Mr. Bradac is a Czech, born in Prague. He studied for six years in the Academy of Applied Arts and came to England in 1969. Mr. Bradac created and and directed the animated version of the "Treatise" in the film of Steppenwolf. So moved was he by Hesse's text that he began work on his extraordinary series of forty-five paintings soon after completing the film. In these paintings Hesse's magnificent and often macabre vision finds complete expression. Bradac here reveals himself as a painter in the great tradition of fantastic art. His is, indeed, a formidable talent."

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